#StampingDiversity Hanukkah Blog Hop

The Stamping Diversity Team aims to share our paper creations and educate you about different cultures and traditions. For our first hop, we chose to focus on Hanukkah and its eight gifts. I did some research online and learned that giving gifts for Hanukkah is a relatively new practice. Some sources say it started as a way to make Jewish children feel less left out during Christmas, while others say it was a way to spread joy and happiness.

In the past, Jewish children received gelt, which is money or chocolate coins, to give to their teachers or to charity. The idea was to teach them the value of money and the importance of doing good deeds. Nowadays, parents use these gifts as a way to celebrate and have fun.

I made four small gift holders that can hold various items, such as money, gift cards, or candy. I hope these inspire you to create your own gift presentations.

Gift Card Holder

Pillow Box – could hold a small gift

Small envelope for gelt

Dreidel shaped gift card or money holder

If you would like to learn more about the gifts of Hanukkah I found these two articles very helpful.

The History of Hannukah Gifts & The Real Reason American Jews Give Gifts During Hanukkah

Thank you for joing us today. Click on the links to learn more about Hanukkah traditions.

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I used so many products I only posted the stamp set for you. 

If you need any stamping supplies, I’d be very happy to be your Demonstrator. Just click on the Shop Now button to go directly to my online store or drop me an email: ginnyharrell@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Introducing the #StampingDiversity Design Team

I am pleased to share that I am now a member of a new Design Team. The #StampingDiversity DesignTeam is group of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators from around the world who love sharing projects with you. This team has a specific focus to share and educate on occasions, celebrations, and observances that may not get the representation on store shelves or catalog pages that they deserve.

A possible way to describe “diversity” is to say that it is the act or state of embracing or involving people who have various social and ethnic identities and who belong to different genders, sexual orientations, and so on. This is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines it.

Why is diversity important?

By embracing diversity, we can enrich our knowledge and skills from various backgrounds and viewpoints. This helps us to become better human beings.

My reason for sharing diversity.

I spent my youth as a military child. We lived all over the world. Because of this I have always enjoyed learning about other cultures and countries. Can you tell why my blog is called Celebrate the Journey?? In addition, my husband and I love to travel.  We have visited almost every country in the UK and Europe. Now we need to add some of the other regions we have missed!


I hope you will join us on our new adventure!


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