SU Business Angels IT Training @ Warbrook House

 On the Road Again – IT Training for Stampin’ Up

Early fall I discovered that two fellow British Stampin’ Up demonstrators, Pip Todman and Louise Sims (AKA SU Business Angels) were offering a blogging, social media, IT training class. The event was held at Warbrook House, Hook, England. Since we were going to be in Paris at the time I decided to pop over and attend. 

As a new blogger I knew needed help with technical issues and I also wanted to learn how to create effective posts.  These ladies certainly helped me accomplish that goal. Now, I just have to keep practicing what I learned! 

What a wonderful 2 days of learning, laughing and meeting new friends. Warbrook House was a perfect location for the training. They had all the amenities we needed, meeting space, comfy rooms and delicious food. It was hard for me to be sitting in sessions when I knew there was so much to explore. I managed to get up early every morning and get in some walking and mucking about in the woods. Although it was cold and damp it was well worth the effort.

Below are some pictures I took while I was visiting:

Warbrook House and Grounds

Front view of the hotel

Gorgeous oak tree and beautiful blue sky

Sundial off the courtyard

Looking from the back over the canal


Mossy log in the woods

View from the end of the canal

Pretty orange berries. Loved this shrub.


Bird house beside the canal

I have no idea why I didn’t take pictures of our “after hours” activities. We enjoyed tasty dinners, lively conversation and swapped business tips. Want to know more about this training opportunity for your Stampin’ Up business? Contact Louise Sims or Pip Todman @ SU Business Angels. They will welcome you with open arms!

Thanks again ladies for welcoming me and providing all of the attendees with a valuable training session. I really learned a lot!





City of Lights

We are back visiting the City of Lights! Yes, we were in Paris last year but we decided to return again. Last summer when Robert had his heart surgery we were both feeling a little “blue” so we knew just what would cheer us up! We really never get tired of visiting our favorite European city.

I thought I would share some of the sights we have seen so far.

Our neighborhood.

American Cathedral in Paris

Lego Renault – over 300,000 Lego pieces.

Arc de Triomphe

We went to the Grand Palais to see the Irving Penn exhibit.

Paris Wheel

I am sure you have heard all about the floods in Paris. The river is overflowing the banks. This is not in our neighborhood so we are safe, but we had to go see what it looks like.

The rains have finally stopped so it should be lowering soon. Now that the weather is improving we should be able to get out and take more pictures.  Thanks for checking in with us today. We love our “home away from home” and hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of it with us.