Walking Through Paris – One Parc at a Time

I am sorry I have been so lazy with updates.  Cindy K. reminded me that she wanted to see pictures so here they are!

We have been busy visiting a lot of parcs in Paris.

Along with our daily walk at Parc Monceau we have visited Parc de Bagatelle, Jardin de la Vallée Suisse, Jardin du Luxembourg, Le Promenade de Plantee, and the new Parc Zoologique de Paris. Paris has over 400 parcs and green areas. I doubt we will ever get to see them all.

We read about Jardin de la Vallée Suisse in the NY Times so we decided to pop in and see it. It is right off the Champs-Élysées and following their directions we found it quickly.

swiss valley  swiss valley 3 swiss valley 2

Next we were off to Parc Bagatelle.

Parc Bagatelle was huge. There are even camping sites nearby for tents and small campers. There were a lot of paths and green space but most of the flowers had not started blooming. This parc has rose test gardens that had already bloomed once and were just starting to bud out again. They also had peacocks but the birds would not show out for us. This day we walked almost six miles. My feet were tired!

parc cat bagatelle fluffy peonies bagatelle 2 bagatelle 3 bagatelle 4

One day we made a quick stop at Jardin du Luxembourg . Here we saw a travelling exhibit where you could “Walk the War” site of WWI. The garden was busy with chess players, bocce ball games, walkers, and sun bathers. Parisians love to sit in the sun.

walking the war sites  luxemburg 1 sun in the park

This past Tuesday we went on another  long walk…..6.2 miles. We started at Le Promenade de Plantee and ended up at the newly renovated Parc Zoologique de Paris. Both parcs were beautiful.

rock garden red hot pokers  smoke tree  exercise sea lions rhino penguins penguins 2 iguana lion giraffes gecko gecko 2

Yesterday we visited a video art instillation at the Grand Palais. It was different from anything we have ever seen in the past. Bill Viola is a very talented video artist. You can read about it here: Bill Viola at Grand Palais.

I hope you enjoyed our parc visits….and I bet your feet don’t hurt as much as ours did!

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A Day at Giverny

We have settled into a routine and are really enjoying our leisure visit to Paris.

Most days we sleep in – at least until 6:30 or 7:00 for me and a little later for Robert! After breakfast we walk to the local park and get in our 4 miles. Afternoons are spent relaxing, sightseeing, or grocery shopping.

Today we took a train to visit Giverny, Monet’s home. It was wonderful. We had visited Giverny in the past but we had not been there when the flowers were in top bloom. There were a LOT of people on the train so we were worried about the crowds. It wasn’t too bad, but it was hard to get pictures without people in them.

The weather was cloudy and the temperature was perfect and the rain held off until just before we left.

lily pond monet house artist palette bamboo bright pink peonie chicken green stream light pink peonie purple iris purple stalk spidy plant stump white blossoms white stalk yellow garden

I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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