The End of Our Camino Journey

We started planning our Camino journey about a year ago. While I had no set expectations, I did have hopes that it would be memorable and magical. While every day was memorable not every day was magical. Some days were just a long, hot walk with a tired aching body. The saying goes that the Camino will bring you what you need. I believe that statement is true. The long walking days brought new friendships, new experiences and lots of time for contemplation and meditation. Robert and I took our Camino at a slow pace, believing the journey was more important than the destination. I am honestly glad we took the time to walk slow, rest and savor the moments on the trail. Life is meant to be lived, not chased! If you ever choose to engage in a walk such as the Camino, I urge you to take time to stop, observe, smile and engage, your Camino will continue even after you return home. Enjoy your journey!

Here are some final pictures of our journey. (not in any kind of order)


Buen Camino,



Day 5 – Caldas de Reis

We are still plodding along. The walk is tough, the fellow pilgrims are interesting, and the scenery beautiful.

I missed posting one day because we were exhausted.

Here are photos from the past 2 days in no particular order. 

Fellow pilgrim.

Grain storage from farming days.

Most dogs bark like crazy when we walk by. This cutie wanted a hug.

Shells and memorials.

Drinking from a roadside fountain.

Proud of this boy for walking even though he feels awful.  






Day 4 – Redondela

Yesterday was such a long, hot slog we questioned ourselves as to why we started on this journey. Today was so much better. We did have a long climb out of Vigo, but once we got on the trail it was cool and lovely. We walked around 13 miles.

Thursday’s walk should be around the same mileage.  We are ready… 





Day 3 – Vigo, Spain

This has been a really long day so you get pictures. We saw some beautiful scenery and a lot of industrial areas.  We hope tomorrow will be more scenic and a little cooler.  It was hot today.

Good night.



Day Two – Baiona, Spain

We arrived in Baiona around noon time,  checked in our hotel and got settled. Then we went off exploring.  This is a beautiful seaside city.   A lovely lunch, short walk and a siesta finished our afternoon. 

Dinner was ice cream, wine and snacks. 

The wifi at this hotel is so slow I can’t get pictures to load.

Tomorrow is another day. 

Buen Camino,






Day One in Porto

We started our adventure with a sightseeing day in Porto, Portugal. Lots of walking,  wine tasting,  and people watching.

Today we are on the way to Baiona, Spain. The walking starts tomorrow

I hope to get in a few blog posts along the way and  you can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.