If it’s Tuesday

We must be in Berlin…..We arrived in Berlin yesterday a little after noontime. Our apartment owner picked us up at the bus stop and drove us to our apartment. It is a very colorful apartment and Bernd is a very colorful personality! I will post pictures of the apartment later. Bernd showed us around the area, took us to KaDeWe, the supermarket and the beverage shop. We ate dinner at a street shop and Bernd suggested we order the #13 (klein serving) of stir-fried beef and vegetables. Klein is small….the large must be enough for 3 people!

We have been going like crazy for the past two weeks so we decided to chill today. Resting our weary bones, swollen ankles and tired feet. But I can assure you ….my tired feet will be walking to the KaDeWe before this day is over.

I promised myself that I would learn how to use My Digital Studio software while on this trip. I want to return home with a completed scrapbook. Do you think I can do it?

Here is my first page.

shoes small



Our Jewish Heritage Day in Budapest

Today we spent the day visiting the many Jewish sites in Budapest. After touring all these sites we commented that we had no idea how the Jewish people were treated in Budapest. We have all studied about Germany, but just did not realize how the citizens in Budapest were treated.

We got up early to ride to the other side of town on the tram. We have gotten pretty good at tram riding and the Underground subway.

buda tram

We really enjoy getting out early in the morning before the city gets busy and crowded.

Below is a tree in the park near our apartment. The locks are “Love Locks.” A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love.

locks of love budapest

We started the day at the House of Terror. The name gives the impression that it is a haunted house or something like that. Actually, it is a museum dedicated to the history of communism and fascism in Budapest. It covers the involvement of the Arrow Cross, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Visiting the House of Terror was very sobering, but also very informative. I am pleased we made the effort. Each room had an information sheet explaining the display. I will be reading them in depth within the next few weeks.

house of terror memorial wall house of terror

Memorial wall on the outside of the building.

Lunch was next on the agenda.

beer on sunday copy


sunday lunch

Chicken and potatoes

We walked to the Subway and rode to the Dohány Street Synagogue. This Great Synagogue seats 3000 people! (this photo was copied from the Internet)


inside of js

 Inside the Synagogue

tree of life

leaves on tree of life

This is the Tree of Life. It is fashioned to look like a “Weeping Willow Tree” and also an upside down Menorah (a crying Menorah). Inscribed on its 4000 metal leaves are the names of Hungarian Holocaust victims.

Last stop of the day was the Shoes on the Danube Promenade. A touching memorial of bronze shoes on the banks of the Danube commemorating the Jewish people who were ordered to remove their shoes (so they could be used by others) and shot at the edge of the river and  pushed into the water allowing the water to carry away their bodies.

shoes on river

Today was a very sobering but satisfying day.


Shopping at Great Market Hall

When we visit a big city we like to visit markets so we can see how the local people do their grocery shopping. Today we spent the morning at Great Market Hall/Central Market. It is the largest indoor market in Budapest. The roof of this building has been restored with the distinctive enameled tiles of this region. The market is three stories of all sorts of goodness. It stocks a huge variety of foods, souvenirs, luggage, scarves, trinkets, fast food, and a buffet restaurant.

I hope you enjoy our tour of the market.

market fruits 2

Fresh Fruits and Dried Peppers

market paste etc

Paprika and Spices Galore

market cheeseCheeses

dried fruits

Dried Fruits

funny onions

Funny Face Pickled Onions

market honey

Lots of honey

body parts

Does any of this look familiar? Tripe, kidneys, heart, liver, pig’s feet, and Buda Oysters/Mountain Oysters!

dried beans

Dried beans

market cookies

Lots of sweets

Hungry yet???


Meeting Ronald Reagan in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest Wednesday afternoon to a heat wave….. 75 degrees and it was HOT!

It made us wonder what was going on as there was a frost warning in Jonesboro.

Today was much better. It is still warm, the sun is shining and everyone is out enjoying these last beautiful days before the winter darkness.

We had gotten a guide referral from John Parkerson, the Honorary Hungarian Consul of Atlanta (he lives in Jonesboro). Andrea met us outside our apartment and really gave us the grand tour. She took us all over town, taught us how to use the Underground, Trams and buses. Tomorrow we plan to return to some of the locations to see them in depth and also visit some new sites.

No pictures today.  Most of my pictures were blurry. I think I am tired!

Oh….I do have one picture – Robert meeting Ronald Reagan!

robert and rr