Biking the Danube

We are biking the Danube….lots of great sites, lots of rain, lots of fun!  We have very limited internet so pictures and more will have to wait. I can say this has been great fun so far and we will definitely do it again!

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Touring Dachau was a sobering event. I have wanted to visit a concentration camp for many years and it has taken awhile to get Robert to agree to go. It is hard. Hard to understand how this happened. Hard to hear about the atrocities. Hard to see that these things are still happening today. But it is something we should all be reminded of so it will “Never happen again.” This statement is posted in every concentration camp museum. Never again.


Sculpture depicting the electric fence and people trying to escape.


Prisoners Chain of Solidarity


The dead for the living to remember.

As prisoners they were punished for looking up, hands in pockets, feet apart. Notice he is now a free man…. looking toward a new life.


Think about how we died here.

Never Again,

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Good-bye Prague~Hello Munich

I have been posting from my phone so this has been a real learning curve for me. I can hardly figure this out on a computer much less a phone!

I had a few more pictures of Prague to share. Enjoy!


This is the Paris Hotel. Very pretty and ornate inside.


A cow painted like the Astronomical Clock.


A view of the city as seen from Vrtba Garden.


We also got to peek in on a wedding in the garden.


Ceiling in the Spanish Synagogue. Sure looks a lot the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.


Funny little downspout.

Monday we rode the bus to Munich. The bus ride allowed us to see some different countryside than what we would have seen from the train.

Today was spent visiting Old Town, figuring out the trains and trams. Hopefully I will get pictures posted tomorrow.

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