Sunday in the Parc

Every day we get up and walk in the parc near our apartment. Parc Monceau is lovely and has several paths, statutes and gardens to keep us visually entertained. Most days we also get to see the school children out for recess or P.E. It is a great place to get our daily exercise.

parc mIMG_20131115_103540_714-1

Sunday we decided to visit a different parc. We rode the Metro to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This parc is hilly, has lots of paths and steps. It also has a suspension bridge, a waterfall and a cave. All the hills, caves and waterfalls are manmade. It is a really cool parc and I hope we can go back soon. They are really working on renovations right now….getting ready for spring I guess.


 We saw a wedding photo shoot on the bridge.

wedding 1 IMG_20131124_174458

 We get asked to take photos everywhere we go.

taking pictures

Beautiful waterfall.


 I loved this knobby tree.

knobby tree

Manmade mountain.


 French speaking pigeon.


Inside the cave.


.Sunday’s usually end with a video call to our Denver family. It is great to catch up with them and get to see faces from home. Sunday at 7:00PM I have a standing “date” with my EfM class. I am in Year 4 of EfM and did not want to miss this year because I plan to graduate in May! So far the technology has worked fairly well and we spend our time reading and discussing the weeks lessons. I am very thankful they tolerate me!

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all our friends at home!

4 thoughts on “Sunday in the Parc

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you!! The pictures of your journeys delight me so much! Maybe it’s because I will never see such beautiful sights, and I am thankful that both of you are so generous. God bless and have a toast on me!

  2. Here’s a random question out of left field: do you see signs of the use of solar power in Paris? I probably should have asked this when you were in Germany, where they have made solar a priority. I think France is more into nuclear power. Anyway, just wondering if there are indications of experimentation with solar power around the city.

    Ken Kimsey

    • No, I have not seen it in the city. But it could be here and I just am not focusing on it. I’ll look around! They are really into recycling and energy conservation though. Actually I bet there are solar panels on the tall buildings. Guess I’ll have to walk around with my head up in the clouds.

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