We spent the most delightful day with our local tour guide, Krysti Brice (Exclusive Prague Tours) . Krysti is originally from Macon, GA. and she has lived in Prague for 20 years. She gave us the grand tour of Old Town and filled our brains with so many facts we will never remember it all. If you are ever in Prague you should contact Krysti, she is so personable and is a great tour guide. You can find her here on Facebook. Give her a “like” and you can pretend you have been to Prague – or at least you can wish you were in Prague! We all took tons of pictures and when we share with each other I will post some more from our tour.

Here is another view of the Tyn Church (Teen Church). It was the leading church of the Hussite Movement for over 200 years. It was Catholic before the Hussites and was returned to the Catholics when the Hussites were defeated. Notice the two towers are asymmetrical….. One is larger than the other. The large one is Adam and the smaller one is Eve. Adam has to be larger to watch over Eve.  Not very politically correct!

two towers adam and eve

Next up is Jan Hus. Hus was actually as important as Martin Luther because he preached in the people’s language and complained about church corruption. He really paved the way for Martin Luther. In Prague he is considered a national hero.

jan hus

We saw many churches and synagogues that were interesting & beautiful. Here are two that caught my attention:

St. Martin in the Wall – so named because it was once part of the original wall around the city.

st martin in the wall

St. Nicholas Church has this gorgeous Bohemian crystal chandelier and beautiful organ.


Many of the doors in town have medallions, door knockers and decorations. I will leave you with some of my favorites.

door 1 door4 door 2 door 3

Tomorrow we visit the castle and the “other” side of the river.

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