When we visit a big city we like to visit markets so we can see how the local people do their grocery shopping. Today we spent the morning at Great Market Hall/Central Market. It is the largest indoor market in Budapest. The roof of this building has been restored with the distinctive enameled tiles of this region. The market is three stories of all sorts of goodness. It stocks a huge variety of foods, souvenirs, luggage, scarves, trinkets, fast food, and a buffet restaurant.

I hope you enjoy our tour of the market.

market fruits 2

Fresh Fruits and Dried Peppers

market paste etc

Paprika and Spices Galore

market cheeseCheeses

dried fruits

Dried Fruits

funny onions

Funny Face Pickled Onions

market honey

Lots of honey

body parts

Does any of this look familiar? Tripe, kidneys, heart, liver, pig’s feet, and Buda Oysters/Mountain Oysters!

dried beans

Dried beans

market cookies

Lots of sweets

Hungry yet???