We arrived in Prague safe and sound. Today was just a goof-off day mostly adjusting to the new time zone and discovering our neighborhood. We walked to the town square and made two trips to the supermarket. Friday we meet out local tour guide and she will show us the highlights of the city and give us some insider tips.

Not many pictures to share but here they are:

This was the sunrise as we arrived in Paris. The colors were spectacular.

sunrise in paris from plane sunrise 2

Street food in the Town Square. We tried the Trdelnik. These are pastries cooked on wooded dowels over an open flame. The dowels rotate over the flame until they are crisp. It was very tasty. I guess it is sort of like going to a festival and eating funnel cakes! trednlik

The ham looked good and smelled great.


They have horse drawn carriage rides and the horses have really fancy head gear.

horse  Random scenes from around town.

opera house


More tomorrow…..