Musee du Quai Branly

We have not eaten out very many times. Today we decided to try a Rick Steves’ recommended restaurant, La Terrasse.

We had French Onion soup and a goat cheese appetizer. I really need/want a goat.

We met a couple from India via Boston and Washington, DC. It was neat to exchange stories. They were on a whirlwind tour of Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, and London. It made me tired just listening to them.

Next we went to the Quai Branly Museum. This museum is fairly new. It opened in 2006 to quite a stir. People either liked the modern architecture or hated it. We stumbled upon this “river of plants” the last time we were in Paris and made a promise to return and visit the entire museum.

Wall of plants – looking up.

The Branly has a huge collection of Primitive Art from Africa, Polynesia, Asia, and America. It was interesting to notice the common factors of all these cultures.


There was a special exhibition dealing with hair….very important to some of us.

We loved the “beetle”covered with seed beads. Can you imagine the amount of time this took?

The building is very free-flowing. It has ramps, stairs and dividers for each culture. It was impressive how they addressed the exhibits for the blind. They had mini brass icons of the exhibit for the blind to feel and read the braille explanation.

The Eiffle Tower from inside the museum.

The garden is so very unusual. Stop by the café and enjoy the view.

Yes, we really are in Paris.

I am on the Ben Gurion  Bridge with the Tour de Eiffel in the background.

Here is Robert in the gardens we visited yesterday.

Tomorrow we are visiting friends and spending two nights in a castle! Snow is  in the forecast. Brrrr….

5 thoughts on “Musee du Quai Branly

  1. Ginny, the pictures of you and Robert are wonderful. Love Robert’s beret! Since I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying it so, I went back to my journal from 2005. You must visit the Clint Museum. All the room are fabulous, but Room 13 has the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. Totally worth a visit. Thanks again for sharing your visit.

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