Trash Talk

Our good friends Jerry and Jeanie are bee keepers. Did you notice how we focus on bees with some of our posts? Jerry has educated us on the importance of bees and the environment.

We also try to keep up with the latest “trash innovations.”  Jeanie’s grandson, Jake knows a lot about trash and he has spiked my interest in it also. So this post is dedicated to Jake.

The City of Paris makes a lot of trash. It is estimated that each person living in the city makes 1,600 lbs of trash in a year. This does not take into account the tourists or industrial waste. That is A LOT of trash!

But they are also big on recycling. We have three different trash cans:

One for glass…

Apt. Glass Recycle Bin

One for recycling…yellow lid


Apt. Trash and Recycle Bins

One for the trash that is left….

Here is some of our trash ready to be recycled.



They recycle everything possible: cans, plastic cellophane, cardboard, plastic, paper, and glass. You look for the recycle icon on labels and that helps you know what is recyclable.


There are some items that do not recycle well. Such as light bulbs, batteries, or the hard plastic lids from milk bottles or cola bottles. There are bins in the local stores for you to bring those items. Pretty cool!

recycle at store

Some neighborhoods also have these large bottle recycle bins. You deposit the bottles according to color.

glass bin

I am glad this city is trying to control litter and trash, but just like any huge city…..there will always be trash…..everywhere. Maybe Jake will be able to work on this problem for us.

street trash