Introducing Mr. Petey Jones

The “real” reason for coming to Paris.

Mr. Petey Jones is our foster cat. We are cat and flat sitting for Jonsey in Paris. Petey is a Maine Coon cat. He has long orange and white fur with a long raccoon tail. Petey has traveled extensively. He has been to the USA, London, and Paris. Maybe more places I don’t know about. He speaks English, French and Portuguese.  Petey has gotten old and he enjoys staying home – so we get to foster him. Lucky us!

Petey is very regal. He sits on his chair throne and rules the house.

Petey drinks from a glass.

Petey drinks from a glass

Petey loves the shower stall……he really is not supposed to go in there but he looks at me and my heart melts.

Petey sits at the door and waits for the mail to arrive. He is very loyal.

Petey LOVES fresh, tender asparagus. He eats it right out of your hand. Do you think Petey may be spoiled? Just a tiny bit?

Taking care of Petey has been fun. It almost makes us wish we had a pet, but we are not quite ready for that responsibility. Right now we are very happy with Mr.Petey Jones.