Guest Blogger – Benji


On Wednesday, December 26th, we went to the butterfly Pavillion.




That is why we went there. I had some art displayed there.

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Also, I got to touch crabs and star fish!


Ginny, Avery, and I got to hold Rosie! Rosie is a tarantula.

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Really big butterflies landed on us and freaked out mom!


Thanks for reading this. Have a happy new year.






Home Sweet Home

We made it home safe and sound. The plane trip was looooong.


But getting home and sleeping in our own bed was heaven.

Our house sitter had everything ready for us. Sweet.

I also had Amy Hamrick -aka The Sweeper, come spruce up the home place for us. If you are looking for someone to help you with those New Year resolutions call Amy. She is a master at cleaning closets and organizing clutter.


Of course, once we emptied the suitcases the house was a mess again. Oh well.

Jet lag is over and now we are ready for the next trip. We are off to Denver and Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Looks like snow is in the forecast!

Merry Christmas from us to you.





Au revoir

The time has come for us to say au revoir to the City of Lights.

Avenue des Champs Elysees.

This has been such a life changing trip for us. We have had some amazing days and some nightmare days.

Life never turns out exactly as we expect, but one thing is for certain, it is always an adventure. We have been blessed.

Things I will miss about Paris:

Petey Jones – who knew I  would grow to love this fur ball so much?

Le Chat dans la douche

The metro – I love public transportation

8 rue Bremontier to Left of Church

Brie and baguette – ate too much!

The beautiful lights at night

lights at amboise

The buskers in the metro

All the shoe stores

The church bells ringing next door

The towel warmers in the bathroom

Walking everywhere

Our cozy flat

Beautiful clothes

A housekeeper!

Things I will not miss about Paris:

The odor of the metro

The urban outdoorsmen

Dog …. on the streets


Walking everywhere

Cat fur 🙂


Expensive everything

BUT ….We can’t wait to return.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Next week we go to Denver to enjoy family time.