Thursday morning we traveled to La Defense to view La Grand Arche.  This a more modern side of Paris often called “Little Manhattan.” There is a large mall and business district here along with the Grande Arche. The Arche is large enough to place Notre Dame inside the arch. While Faye and I were reading the plan and trying to decide which way to go a French man chatted us up. He filled our ears with lots of trivia about the Arche and the local church and art work surrounding the area. We plan to return and take the art tour of the outside sculptures. The French man knew all about the Georgia Bulldogs – we forgave him for insulting us…..

We also toured the Christmas Market in this area. Faye purchased caramel nougat. Yum!

Inside the mall. All prettied up for Christmas. A quick-lunch at Monoprix was a good choice.

Faye at the candy store.

A funny goat selling scarves.

We had not really planned on a Thanksgiving meal in Paris but it happened anyway. They have  frozen food stores in Paris called, Picard. They only sell frozen food and have a section for adults and babies. Robert and I went a few days ago and bought things we thought “looked” good. When we got home we translated the labels …..we had bought turkey cutlets! So Thanksgiving dinner was in the making. We had turkey cutlets, green beans, potato crisps, and mince meat pie. Oops, almost forgot the fresh sauerkraut.

I forgot to post an exciting moment. When we toured Notre Dame, the choir was practicing Handel’s Messiah, in English, just for us. They were amazing. We sat and enjoyed a free concert. There are free concerts in the churches most Sunday’s so we will work in a few of those before we leave.

We live next door to a Catholic church and will sneak over for their Advent Concert this week.

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