A Visit to Luxembourg Gardens

Today was a beautiful sunny day in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.  I can’t think of a better place to have been on Election Day. ( Yes, I voted early.)


 ‘Mum” is the word with regard to Fall floral displays in the park.  Potted Chrysanthemums everywhere!  People jogging, walking, sitting, sleeping, and soaking in the sun.  Children sailing sail boats and playing on the playground.
I think these people have really got it all figured out.
Even the Bees were happy making honey!
Nice place to be on USA 2012 Election Day!
Peace, Y’all.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Luxembourg Gardens

  1. Looks beautiful! I look forward to the days when the kids are old enough for us to take them places. Are you and Aunt Ginny counting the hours until her arrival? If it were me, I’d be so excited and probably unable to sleep before my flight.

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