Sunday – at Church

Sunday we visited Montmarte and the Sacre-Coeur. This is such a lovely area and the weather was perfect. The sun was shinning on us Sunday!  We started our trip on the Metro, getting off at Anvers station. We have purchased a Navigo card which gives us affordable traveling inside central Paris. Sure beats keeping up with all the little paper carnet tickets. When you first arrive you have to plow through a touristy street, but once you get past that part it is less crowded. We rode the funicular to the top which was much easier than climbing all those steps.

There are all sorts of street this area. We saw King Tut, Jesus, some Irish Dancers, and this harpist.

We toured the church, which is quite impressive. This church took 44 years to build.

View looking over the city.

We walked through town and visited the Place du Tertre, which is a town square filled with artists. Always fun to look but they can be expensive.


We stopped by our favorite restaurant on the way home for Faye’s farewell lunch (or early dinner). We thought about getting dessert but just took a picture instead.

Speculos Cheesecake!!

The Louvre and Wine – A great combination

Friday we went to the Louvre. What can I say? It was huge, crowded, big, overloaded, enormous, packed, and HOT as H…

We saw the highlights and left. It was an exhausting day. Mostly because of the heat.


Inside the shopping area of the Carrousel de Louvre.

Yummy lunch!

Saturday we went to a Wine Exhibition, Vigneron Independant. . Michel took us as we were afraid it would be overwhelming as we don’t speak much French. It was very overwhelming!. These folks love their wine. There were over 1000 independent wine vendors with booths. All I could remember about French wine was the wine specialist from Splendid Table (NPR) said you should try wine from Loire Valley. We tasted several wines, pushed through the crowds and marveled at it all. They also had mustard booths, honey booths and food of all sorts. Robert treated me to some White Bordeaux. My Favorite wine. This place was also hotter than we expected. We would have stayed longer if we had known to wear shorts and a tee shirt.

Faye and I decided to purchase a souvenir shopping bag. When we got to the booth the two salesmen were very funny. They asked us where we were from, we told them Atlanta, Georgia. OMG said the one who could speak English. “Why are you here?” I told him we were here to drink…he laughed. Then he asked “Really, why are you in Paris?” So we told him we were cat sitting He really did not believe us and laughed again. Then said our bags were free….because we were from USA. Good score on our part!

The French people have been very kind to us everywhere we have been. You hear that they don’t like Americans but so far that has not been the case. We have been blessed to have this opportunity to see Paris at our leisure.