Satruday Outing = new friends & shopping fun

We started the day with a ride on the Metro to The American Church in Paris. we stopped at a small park to admire the yellow trees. It seems like all tress turn yellow. We have not seen red or orange yet. So glad we don’t have to rake leaves this year!

This car is for our grandson, Tyler. He LOVES My Little Pony and the Magic of Friendship.

The church as holding a Market to support their Mission’s. We did a little Christmas shopping but left behind the €100 scarves. But I sure wanted one….

We picked up lunch at a grocery store – not the best decision but the chips were tasty. Next we headed to Puces St. Ouen, flea market, one of the largest flea  markets in the world. We met our friends, Michel et Marie Veisseyre.

From Rick Steves:

Paris Flea Markets:
Paris hosts several sprawling weekend flea markets (marche aux puces; literally translated, since puce is French for flea). These oversized garage sales date back to the Middle Ages, when middle-men sold old, flea-infested clothes and discarded possessions of the wealthy at bargain prices to eager peasants.  Puces St. Ouen (the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt) is the biggest and oldest of them all, with over 2,000 vendors selling everything from flamingos to faucets.

Chez Louisette, the original (and only) cafe within the Puces St. Ouen, dates back to 1911.  There we enjoyed  hot chocolate and Beaujolais Nouveau while listening to a later day Edith Piaf belt out vintage French chansons with accordian and keyboard backup.

Another fun day finished off by soup, sandwiches, and wine at home.

Petey was glad to see us when we returned!