Traveling with Technology

No travel photos today. It was a drippy, misty day in the city. We took Bus 69 and rode it round trip around the City Center. Faye and Robert enjoyed the sights but I had trouble staying awake. Put me on a bus and I am a goner. Lunch was a delicious bowl of leek soup. This soup will be on my list of recipes to try. .

Traveling is so different these days due to technology.

We have an iPad, a netbook, a Surface, a Nook, and 7 cell phones! And a TON of cords and adaptors! What ever happened  to the old fashioned travel journal?






First Day of Christmas

Today was the first day of the Christmas Windows at the large department stores. It was hard to get good pictures because of all the glare and people walking in front of you. Sigh…. There was a lot of glitter and animation. Enjoy the eye candy!