A Visit to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont


To continue with the theme of Parcs in Paris, today I explored Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This parc was busy with joggers,dog-walkers, and with a few parents and children sprinkled in the mix. As the name suggests, it has a couple of steep hills which makes for more interesting walking.There is a beautiful man-made waterfall and a temple high atop a hill.

The Fall colour is beginning to get ripe here.  In about a week, it should be all ablaze with Fall Colour.
And after a strenuous hike in the parc, one is hungry.  You know, I don’t do McDonald’s at home, and I don’t need to repeat it here!  😉
On my return from the Parc des Butes-Charmont, I took the bus to The Louvre.  It’s so much more interesting to see scenery through a bus window than through a subway window!  😉

Upon arrival at The Louvre I was delighted to discover some modern art displayed street side.
These pieces include:  The Three Politicians, Modern Heroes, Jelly Baby Family, and a beautiful adjoining floral display.
My Statistics du Jour:
Outing consisted of 4.5 Hours Time
Included 5 Metro Rides, 1 Bus Ride,
and 12,807 Steps Registered on my Pedometer!
Looking forward to what Tomorrow Brings!