A Visit to Galleries Lafayette

A visit to Paris is not complete without a stop at Galleries Lafayette.

Picnic on roof

This is a store full of eye candy. Each floor has something tempting but way out of our price range.


I am enjoying my “New Surface” at home

View from the roof top

100th Anniversary of the Galeries Lafayette Cupola

Lunch, dinner or just a snack is a good purchase. You can see the food and choose what you want….even if you can’t read French you can figure out what to eat and just point!

Robert spent some time looking and enjoyed a good lunch with veggies. It is hard to cook for one so getting a salad for lunch fulfills the daily vegetable requirements.


 The first time we went to Paris we had our entire family with us so we really did not worry about communicating with folks back home. The second time it was just the two of us. This was before Internet Cafes and netbooks or WiFi. It was hard to keep in touch with family at home. We would get up every morning and walk across the street to the car dealer (I think Peugeot). They had a stand-a-lone keyboard on a post that you could use for 10 minutes. It took almost 10 minutes to figure out the French keyboard. Now we have smartphones, WiFi and video chat. It is just amazing how fast technology has changed.

Here at home I have been busy making 20 sewing boxes for a friend. Cute aren’t they?

Sewing Boxes

Faye and I are hosting a card making day where we make cards for Ronald McDonald House and Cards for Heroes. Paper cutting is underway!

Just look at all the wonderful Halloween cards I got from my friends. They are great card makers. I make cards, but they just don’t seem to get in the mail like they should.

Cards from friends

Here are a few more photos of life in the 17thArrondissement.

Flash Sleet Storm – then out came the sun

Best Crackers Ever!

The “real” reason for coming to Paris.

Petey drinks from a glass