Addictions start out so innocently. You eat one M&M and then, two and before you know it you have eaten the entire bag and you are addicted. Well, I started with one  tiny chipboard book and now I have 7 or more! I am in love with these puppies.  They are so fun to put together and if you work hard you can get one completed in a day.

Take a look …..The first book documents our vacation last February. We went to Brussels, Paris, and London with our close friends. We had such a good time and it was a perfect trip. Now I have this great little suitcase scrapbook to enjoy and relive those happy memories. The little charm came from a bracelet I found at a junk shop (99 cents!). I inserted several tag pages, coasters, and fold out pages. This started out as an 8 page book, now it has 10 pages and holds about 70 pictures.

Next week we are taking another big trip and we are taking our children and grandchildren with us. So I had to make them a scrapbook.  I have two finished, everything expect the pictures and journaling, which I’ll add when we return home. I have one more to complete and then we will be on our way! We are all excited and are looking forward to our big adventure.

On another note: A doll making blogger contacted me last week thanking me for posting pictures of Green Gables. She had been looking for a clear picture of Anne’s home so she could appliqué it on the doll’s dress. This is what she made – her dolls are so unique. I just adore them. Nice job, Jessica.

Thanks for stopping by today.