Change is inevitable

We hear this all the time but it is so true…..things change and we have no control over those changes. But we do have control over how we deal with the change. I am choosing to deal with this change in a positive manner.

Last week Stampin’ Up made a huge announcement about their new Color Renovation. When I first read it I didn’t understand and I was sort of upset. Now remember this was Tuesday after we stamped all day and it was about 11:00 PM when I logged on to read the announcement.

But I have had time to think about it, read more of the information and I am very excited! I have wanted some new colors and have been eyeballing all those pretty papers from other companies. Now I can get them from Stampin’ Up! What does this mean for you? As a customer you will see so many new exciting colors to pick from but you will also have to say goodbye to some of the other colors. I will not miss Bordering Blue or Pale Plum….will you??? Some of you might think “Oh great, I just bought all the makers.” I did worry about that but then I decided; a marker is a marker. If I want to color my bird blue I can color him blue with the maker I have. If I just have to color the bird Baja Breeze Blue then I will just have to order that marker.

So without further ado I introduce the new colors:

But the sad thing is that all of these will be going away:

So be sure to stock up on your favorites while you can! At some point, it will be while supplies last only. There are a few I will miss, but not too many. I’m WAY excited about the new colors! There will be special kits available to both demos and customers that will allow us to update our pastels, markers, Watercolor Wonder crayons, etc. All coming our way in July! I can’t wait!!!

Once I get my new catalog I will share ideas on how to update your collection without breaking the bank. I had already planned a “special sale” in June to celebrate a milestone birthday. Now I think I will put that birthday celebration off until July so you can purchase some of  the new goodies.

I hope you will be as pleased as I am. As I said before change is hard but this one was long overdue.

Thanks for stopping by today.