Wish Me Luck

It has been two weeks since we returned from our vacation and my energy levels are just now returning to normal. After 12 days of non-stop sight seeing and walking I had to go straight back to work. It was very hard to keep moving! I did get a few cards made for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll share those at the end of this post. I have also been working on a huge project for church. It is a “Memory Quilt” created by members of our congregation. We are wrapping up our 50th Anniversary Celebration and this quilt will be the last project – I hope. I am putting all the squares together, adding the edging, backing and rod for hanging. I will take pictures and share soon. It will be around 90″ wide and 45″ deep so it is pretty big. My goal for today is to get a good start on sewing the squares together – so “Wish Me Luck”.

st-patty-day-1  st-patty-day-2  st-patty-day-3

Here are my St. Patty’s Day cards. I only own one St. Patrick’s Day stamp 🙂