I have had all my friends saving old Christmas cards for me. I saw a wreath in Good Housekeeping that used old cards to make a wreath so I decided to make one. It was so easy. You cut Christmas cards into a holly shape, hot glue a toothpick to the shape, and stick it in a foam wreath. Done! I made mine this morning and now it is serving as the tree skirt for our tiny tree. We just have a very small tree because we are not here for Christmas and neither one of us like to come home and un-decorate a huge tree. Our ornaments on this tiny tree are mostly from our travels. I have included some from Russia, Finland, Amsterdam, Germany, Ireland, and Egypt. Enjoy the tour of our tree. Thanks for stopping by today.

wreath-made-from-cards1alaskan-mancat-from-russiafinland-angel     finland-heart  irishirish-egypt         st-nicktower1base-of-tree