First Few Days in Paris

Wednesday we took a train ride to Chartres to view the Notre-Dame de Chartres and the Sancta Camisa, believed to be the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary at the time of Christ’s birth. Chartres Cathedral is quite imposing and is the most important building in town. They are constantly working on refurbishing the inside and outside of this famous Cathedral. Parts of it looked cleaned and in good repair, yet other parts were dark and dingy looking. I am sure it is a never ending task to keep it repaired. It was very hard to get pictures inside because it was so dark.

chartres gh

chartres rose window

mary statute chartres

chartres columns

They also had chairs set up on the famous Labyrinth so we could not walk it. They also have an outside Labyrinth.

chartres labrynith

Lunch was tasty savory crepes. Ann and I had crepe with potatoes, lima beans, mushrooms, and walnuts. Robert had ham and cheese – Raclette crepes.


Today we visited Père Lachaise Cemetery. It was a perfect day for a walk in the cemetery as it was cool and cloudy.

aux mort

pere l c

The day ended at one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe du Marche and a short walk to view the Eiffel Tower with the twinkling lights.

cafe du marche eiffel tower

We are just about settled in at the apartment. We were both excited that we have not forgotten the neighborhood and we just jumped right on the Metro and started going places! It is good to be back in this beautiful city.

Lions, & Tigers & Bears

Sunday was a busy day. We started off visiting a flea market in Mauer Park (Flohmarkt AM Mauerpark). It was interesting to see what they had to sell. It looked just like our flea markets! Old LP records seemed to be hot items along with light fixtures and kitchen goods. There were a few vendors with new items such as shopping bags, clothing and jewelry. Ann and I bought earrings!


This park also has some remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.


Lunch was Currywurst at the PlayOff – an American Sports Bar. They did have good looking hamburgers but we voted for German food.


The afternoon was spent at the Berlin Zoo. It was so much more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of the big city.

zoo gate

fountain at zoo

penguin ann and burros white wolves victor the elephant rhino zebras

lion g


robert and elephant

ginny and elephant

I had to add this picture … just because.

My Cat

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin! Bonjour Paris!

Busy in Berlin

Berlin is big and busy. It has taken us a few days to figure out the public transportation. Even after figuring it out we realized it is not very dependable and it is often late and always crowded.

The city is full of tourists who are just as lost as we are! I can’t imagine how crowded it would be during the high tourist season. It is bad enough in low tourist season.

Here are some highlights of our past two days. We visited 3 of the 5 museums on Museum Island. They have some stunning collections.

praying egyptian

Praying Egyptian

egypt head

Bust of an Egyptian

egypt 2

Part of a Wall

Islamic Art

Islamic Art

Ishtar Gate cropped

Ishtar Gate

Mshatta Facade

Mshatta Facade

Part of Pergamon Acropolis

Part of Pergamon Acropolis

 Today we visited the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall and took a boat ride.

berlin wall 1 berlin wall 4 berlin wall 3

 Here are some photos of our colorful apartment.

living room


The weather is getting colder each day, but at least it isn’t hot!