Lions, & Tigers & Bears

Sunday was a busy day. We started off visiting a flea market in Mauer Park (Flohmarkt AM Mauerpark). It was interesting to see what they had to sell. It looked just like our flea markets! Old LP records seemed to be hot items along with light fixtures and kitchen goods. There were a few vendors with new items such as shopping bags, clothing and jewelry. Ann and I bought earrings!


This park also has some remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.


Lunch was Currywurst at the PlayOff – an American Sports Bar. They did have good looking hamburgers but we voted for German food.


The afternoon was spent at the Berlin Zoo. It was so much more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of the big city.

zoo gate

fountain at zoo

penguin ann and burros white wolves victor the elephant rhino zebras

lion g


robert and elephant

ginny and elephant

I had to add this picture … just because.

My Cat

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin! Bonjour Paris!

4 thoughts on “Lions, & Tigers & Bears

  1. You have had such a wonderful journey! I know you are looking forward to a little rest and relaxation in Paris. People will ask which place did you like best. That is a hard question to answer because each place is special in its own way. Safe travels! Miss you!

  2. I have loved your Berlin trip. Back when Jerry and I traveled in Germany in 1979, we couldn’t go to Berlin because my brother, whom we traveled with while he was stationed in Germany, was U. S. military. I have enjoyed seeing all the sights. Please send more when you get to Paris!

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