Meeting Ronald Reagan in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest Wednesday afternoon to a heat wave….. 75 degrees and it was HOT!

It made us wonder what was going on as there was a frost warning in Jonesboro.

Today was much better. It is still warm, the sun is shining and everyone is out enjoying these last beautiful days before the winter darkness.

We had gotten a guide referral from John Parkerson, the Honorary Hungarian Consul of Atlanta (he lives in Jonesboro). Andrea met us outside our apartment and really gave us the grand tour. She took us all over town, taught us how to use the Underground, Trams and buses. Tomorrow we plan to return to some of the locations to see them in depth and also visit some new sites.

No pictures today.  Most of my pictures were blurry. I think I am tired!

Oh….I do have one picture – Robert meeting Ronald Reagan!

robert and rr


5 thoughts on “Meeting Ronald Reagan in Budapest

  1. You are such organized travelers! You know whom to see and what to do! Love Robert’s picture with Reagan. Did Reagan do something special in Budapest to get a statue? Or did they just like him especially there? Also, when does 75 degrees mean hot? 95 is hot in Mississippi! Keep sending me posts. I love getting them and hearing about your travels!


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