If it’s Tuesday

We must be in Berlin…..We arrived in Berlin yesterday a little after noontime. Our apartment owner picked us up at the bus stop and drove us to our apartment. It is a very colorful apartment and Bernd is a very colorful personality! I will post pictures of the apartment later. Bernd showed us around the area, took us to KaDeWe, the supermarket and the beverage shop. We ate dinner at a street shop and Bernd suggested we order the #13 (klein serving) of stir-fried beef and vegetables. Klein is small….the large must be enough for 3 people!

We have been going like crazy for the past two weeks so we decided to chill today. Resting our weary bones, swollen ankles and tired feet. But I can assure you ….my tired feet will be walking to the KaDeWe before this day is over.

I promised myself that I would learn how to use My Digital Studio software while on this trip. I want to return home with a completed scrapbook. Do you think I can do it?

Here is my first page.

shoes small



5 thoughts on “If it’s Tuesday

  1. Ginny, thank you so much for posting your trip. It is a wonderful reminder that we are fortunate, but it also reminds us that we cannot take it for granted!

    I look forward to your posts and have shared them here at the Diocese.

    Be well,

  2. Of course you can do it…and your first page is awesome! It will be a great project while you are “resting” in Paris. You can teach me how to do it when you get back. Maybe I’ll do my Europe book that way too. I’m getting tired of traditional scrapbooking. Hope you ended up liking Budapest after all. Enjoy Berlin! Miss you!

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