Grocery Shopping

I know….you really want to hear about grocery shopping. Right?

It is totally different when you live in a big city, no car, depend on public transportation or your feet.

First thing, create a list according to the stores you want to visit. Grab your rolling cart and hit the street.

We usually shop at Monoprix, Franprix and Picard.

Upon entering the store you grab a rolling cart or pay for a regular buggy (like at Aldi). Start filling your cart.

Wine is the first stop because it is heaviest so it goes in the bottom of the cart.  That is our excuse for now.

You have to pass the expensive candy to get to the wine. I keep my eyes closed and my hands on the cart handle.

Then we start searching. Adding a little here and a little there. The soups are always a good choice. Most of the time we can figure out the flavor. We had some tasty soup with scallops in it last week.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and colorful.

If you spend 50€ you can request free delivery. They pack these carts and load them on a bike/taxi and bring them to your flat.

There is more candy at the check out! How do these people stay so thin with all this tempting goodness?

After checking out we walk the street market looking for items we might like to try. Our street market sells clothes, shoes, table linens, tools, fruits, vegetables, honey, meat, cheese, and just about anything you might think you need or want.


We stuck with green beans and raspberries today.

Next up is a stop at the boulanger/patissier to get a baguette and maybe a sweet.

Picard is the last stop to get frozen foods.

When we return home we always use the lift. We are tired and the rolling cart is full!  We try to do a large shopping trip one day a week and smaller trips in-between.Sometimes we make two trips in one day. Just like at home.

I hope you enjoyed our shopping trip. Everyday life in this city is still an adventure.

7 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping

  1. Two questions…
    1. Do you usually spend the 50 Euros so you can have free delivery?
    2. When you take you rolling cart into the store, can you use it to fill while shopping or do you have to use the grocery store’s buggies and baskets? If you must use the store’s, where do you leave your cart?

    Fascinating post!

    • 1. I have no idea how much we spend… but we have never had food delivered. I doubt we have spent that much anyway. It has to be 50 euros of food, no clothes, make-up or cleaning supplies. Yes, the Monoprix has nice clothes and sells designer makeup.
      2. You can do it either way. Sometimes we fill the buggy, other times the rolling cart. You can leave your rolling cart at the door. Everyone does it and no one seems to be stealing things. They even leave their cart with food from other stores …right out in the open. At home that food would be gone in a heartbeat.

  2. I would enjoy the cheese cakes and desserts but don’t care a bit for the wine. It all sounds great though.

    We miss you very much.

    Blessings and love, Peggy

  3. I loved this post, too. I am so hungry after looking at all that food! Question on the soup: is it in cans with labels? I think not, since you mentioned the scallops as if you didn’t realize they were in the soup. Explain about the tasty soups, please.

    • I have seen Campbell’s soup on the shelf….but why would we try that? We have been buying soup in a box about the size of a quart of milk. The picture is not always a good indication of what is inside and we are not always good at guessing the French words. We do know cheese, cream, green beans, onions, mushrooms and carrots! I thought I took a picture of the soups but it must not have been clear enough to use. I will try again. Glad you enjoyed the shopping trip.

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