Warning-heavy photo dump

We are here, happy, busy and behind on posting. Today I am playing catch up with photos and sights around town. These are just a small sampling of our pictures!

Tuesday we toured Luxembourg Jardins. There are many statues to see in the Gardens. We thought Lady Liberty sparkled in the golden leaves. What do you think?

The lion surveys his kingdom.

The bees were busy making honey.

Luxembourg Palace.

We visited St. Sulpice Church of DaVinci Code Fame. Because of the huge influx of visitors it is getting a much-needed facelift. Of course…it is all fiction, but the church is enjoying the extra funds!

We returned by way of Rue Mouftetard. This street has a little of every culture and was home to Ernest Hemingway for a few years.

Wednesday found us visiting Sainte Chapelle, also undergoing renovations. We think winter may be renovation time because there are fewer visitors. But then again, everything is old and in constant need of repair. The windows at St. Chapelle are lovely. I hope to see them completely restored in 2014.

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas…even the buildings.

We celebrated Thanksgivng with Turkey! I will post that soon.

Saturday (today) we are going to a wine exposition. That should be interesting…1000 small wineries sharing their wines with us and the rest of Paris!






6 thoughts on “Warning-heavy photo dump

    • Thanks! We are having fun doing this blog. But we can’t let it get in the way of our maximizing our time. 😉 Posts seem to be happening less frequently than daily … but with more stuff included.

  1. I’ve seen lovely St. Chapelle. Never saw the place Hemingway lived! That was wonderful for you to post; I’m a huge Papa fan. Have you seen the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries? Can’t remember where they are. . .will have to reread my journal. I am really enjoying visiting again through your pix.

    • So glad you are enjoying your vicarious sojourn to Paris. Haven’t seen the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, but who knows – we may just stumble upon them.

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