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I have no idea what has happened. It seems like my time has been eaten up by a monster. It has been a busy month and today is just May8th! I guess that’s life. I had jury duty this week and that made for some very looooog days of sitting. I did get called for two cases but didn’t get picked. They were both cases of “people acting badly.” Nothing very interesting as far as I could tell.

I made several Mother’s Day cards and I will post a few of my favorites at the end of this post.

I have also been bitten by the quilt bug. I have always loved looking at quilts but have never thought I could complete one. I still don’t think I can do an entire quilt but I have been enjoying stitching up some bags/purses. They are quick, pretty easy and choosing the fabric is so much fun. It is sort of like picking the perfect paper for greeting cards. Here is my second purse. I forgot to take a picture of my first one 🙂

black-purse button-2            button-3

I used two vintage buttons for the bag. Both were in my mother’s button box that I have had for many years. I love old buttons. Actually I love all buttons both old and new.  I used to play with my mom’s buttons for hours on end when I was a little girl. I still enjoy digging through the boxes, baskets and jars of buttons I own. Do you remember playing Button, Button who’s got the Button? I wonder if children still play that game.

blue-tulips  md-lily-in-the-pot  mon-amie-poppy  sunflowers  pink-poppy

Have a great  Mother’s Day. Take some time to celebrate with all the wonderful mothers in your life.

We are off to Callaway Gardens for the weekend. We wanted to go on a longer trip but jury duty got in the way. The gardens will be beautiful though and we can get some exercise riding bikes and walking.

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  1. The mother’s day cards are great as are all of your cards. Hope you are having a fun time in the gardens- expecting to see some pictures of nature and wildlife and maybe even some children.

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